01.10.00- 1 new fr8 from shone and kem
11.29.99- 5 new germ fr8s
11.22.99- 1new shone flik   2 new famefliks  2 new produce
11.15.99- shone237 interview, at the GRAFF ZOO.
11.13.99- 3 new ges fliks   1 new germ fr8  4 new kem5 fliks  3 new produce
11.11.99- kem5 , the first of a long list of updates to come
10.11.99- clean with one whole newflik
6.22.99- 2new shone fliks  3new child fliks  1new themo  jeros page up.
6.21.99- spotlights some dam crew walls
6.09.99- 2new shone fliks  2new themo fliks
5.27.99- 3 new productions  1 new shone flik  1 new themo flik
5.20.99- 1new dezo flik  1 new shone flik  1 new pride flik  prodo page started
5.19.99- osha
5.17.99- shone  child  themo  kem5  ges  dezo
5.14.99- just deleted the whole server file to start from scratch.
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