Every writer has their opinions, and since i started this page i've
heard a million.For about a year i've let writers voice their opinions
using the message board and guestbook. I realized noone wanted to say anything
of intelligence, so this is the reason for this new section. It will feature
writings, interviews, or opinions.

shit i lost the zip with all the formats for the pages.

This is more or less an apology to anyone waiting for an update.
This has been a very busy summer for us here, plus no access to the internet.
Their will be major updates starting in a few weeks, i promise.
I hate seeing a web site with old fliks on it, as much as anyone else.

Topic 1: Everyone wants to play king of the hill.
Why are all these kids so concerned with what everyone else is doing?
It's bad enough dealing with the negativity from society, I should'nt
have to deal with prosecution from other writers. One thing i've noticed
since i've welded into the NJ/NY graff scene is that the real kings
only care about one thing, putting paint on walls. Not the politics, who
paints what and how, who's in the magazines, who could they talk to to benefit
themselves. Their are so many kids demanding respect, yet won't offer any.

"dis me on the internet like picket line crossing teamsters,
scabs are really down with the hip hop only when convenient." co-flow